The daily Paddie

The daily Paddie

So today is the first day of attempting to chronicle the life of my min-pin, Paddie by posting daily pictures. It is something that I have thought about for a while, but like everything in life.. there is always a distraction.

So, here is pic #1

Paddie 5 11 16

Paddie has gotten into the habit of laying down completely on warm surfaces while outside. For the longest time, she would just lay on her stomach with her head upright.. Just watching life happen.

Now, it seems, she goes for a power-nap.

The first time I saw her like this I freaked out. She was just laying in the grass, eyes closed, in this position. You can imagine what I thought.

Guess this is the new normal. :)

* I do have a ton of pics of Paddie, so I will probably backtrack and back date a bunch of pics if I remember them. But this is the "first", first post.