The cost of being unhappy

The cost of being unhappy

From November to December I spent more money than I made.

Now, I am not a rich guy.. But I certainly make enough for me to get by.

How did this happen?

Well... It’s a long story, so here is the short version. I was unhappy.

Very unhappy. And I had been for a few months.

I was living in a place I didn’t want to be in. I was around people I didn’t want to be around (and they probably felt the same way). And I finally realized how different my life was. Not good different. BAD different. It was a life I didn’t want anymore. 

A year earlier, in the same place, I would have said my life was fantastic. I was happy. I really was.

What went wrong?

That will take several posts to explain.. I’m still figuring it out myself. But let’s just agree that I am amazing and that I was in an incredibly toxic environment. :)
Am I being Sarcastic? Serious?... Both! Seriously! And in that order!

So, what did I do?

Well, in typical Kevin fashion, I did something not so amazing... I tried to ignore it. And by ignore it, I mean I tried to buy it out of existence. 

It didn’t work, but don’t we all try to self-medicate the bad things out of our lives? I sure did!

So, here is the simple breakdown...

$435.86 in fast food. SERIOUSLY! Not restaurants that you sit down at.. Fast food!
$734.11 in Wal-Mart/Groceries. Wal-Mart was almost always 100% groceries, but also shampoo, aspirin, light bulbs.. Stuff like that..

$1,169.97 in one month. Almost entirely on food. WTF!!!!! That is just shy of $300 a week or $42 a day! So to put that into perspective.. That is two Michael Kors Purses every week (if you are a woman, and like those things) or, a new pair of shoes every day! Or a Mortgage payment, 2 car payments for 2 very nice cars, or rent for a nice place in Charlotte. What a waste.... 

I am ashamed :(

This amount does not include gas for my car, phone bill, cable, dog food, etc... JUST food.

So, if you are reading this, you may be wondering.. So Kevin, was all of this eaten?

The answer is No!

Most of it went to waste. Salad mixes, bananas, oranges, etc.. These were the foods I knew I should be eating.. So I bought them. But it is not what I ate. What I ate was pizza, and every fast food place you can imagine. Ugh....

So, an important lesson learned. You cannot eat yourself to happiness. No matter how hard you try.... Even if you do pretend to be Vegan!

If you are wondering...
My current cost per month to eat? About $110.00