That Vegan thing...

That Vegan thing...

A few years ago, I watched a movie/documentary called Earthlings. A friend of mine, who was at the time a raw vegan, told me how the movie completely changed his views on food and eating in general.

I told him I'd give the movie a try and maybe it would have that affect on me. He warned me that the movie is not for everyone and that it may really change how I think of food.

It did.

I still remember where I was when I saw it. I was sitting on the floor leaning against my couch. My wife at the time walked in and saw me just sitting there sobbing and said "Oh my God, whats wrong? Is everyone ok?"

I started to tell her what I just saw and before I could even finish she says "I don't want to know, nope, no.. Don't tell me."

I told her I didn't know if I could eat meat anymore and she said "That's fine, I won't eat meat either, just don't tell me anymore about that movie."

And that was that.. I was a vegetarian. I did eat eggs and cheese.

Changing my way of eating was really easy and I enjoyed looking for and trying new vegetarian meals. That alone, kept it fun.

In a couple weeks I started to notice some things that I had never noticed before. The deli section of the grocery store smelled horrible. I had never noticed the smell before. I guess it's like when you are a smoker, you don't smell how bad it really smells until you quit.

I started to have cravings for certain vegetarian meals. I don't know why I wasn't expecting that, but I wasn't. I mean who craves zucchini?

At the time, we were only buying organic milk but decided to give almond and rice milk a try.

I really enjoyed almond milk, and still do, but could never adjust to the flavor of it in my coffee. Something at the time I drank daily.

Everything was great being a vegetarian, no meat cravings ever. All of my favorite meals could be made to taste just as good with soy or some other type of "meat substitute".

Then one Thanksgiving I said "I think I am going to get a very small turkey breast and have just one sandwich". That was always my favorite after thanksgiving.. Making those sandwiches. And besides, I didn't miss the meat, just the Thanksgiving ritual. Right?


I had one sandwich. Then the next day one Cheeseburger. Then one Hotdog.. And I kept telling myself "I can quit anytime I want".


I went right back to eating meat at almost every meal.

Eventually, I got myself back on track. I was biking a lot. I started juicing again and the majority of my meals were vegetarian. Many were even vegan.

I was also traveling a bit to North Carolina to visit family and friends. 

One friend even watched Earthlings as well as a few videos by Gary Yourofsky and immediately switched to a vegan diet. And to this day is still vegan. Pretty amazing.

They lost quite a bit of weight. Their skin looked better... Hair looked better.. And they already had amazing hair! Everything was just better. 

I could see how good a vegan diet was. I already knew.. I just mean I could see the changes and I know that they came from a vegan diet.

But, I still had no interest in becoming a vegan. A vegetarian, sure. Vegan, no.

What actually happened was that over the last year I have probably eaten worse than I ever have.

But about a month ago I started thinking about my food choices and more specifically about veganism. Could I even be a vegan? I mean thats a pretty restrictive diet, right?

Luckily, knowing a few vegans, I am pretty familiar with many of the meals and how to make them. So that part should be easy.

So now it would just be a matter of convincing myself that I needed to do it. That's the hard part.

That being said... I am on day 3 of a raw vegan diet. Oh yeah, and I also cut out all soda.

So.. So far, I am very committed to having this be a lifestyle change for me. Not a diet and not something I can say I tried once.. And I do believe I will be successful with that.

I do not plan to be a raw vegan forever, just vegan. But for now, raw is working out well. I love tomatoes and avocado and things like that.. Makes it so easy to carry food around with me.

Few things I have noticed already.

I seem to always feel like I'm starving.. Even if I have just finished a meal. I don't know if it is from the lack of sugar or lack of fats.

I am terribly bad at eating mangos. I seem to get more on me than in me.

Img 6914

Peanut butter and banana is actually pretty good. I've never really loved peanut butter. Nothing wrong with it.. I just never craved it.

Speaking of peanut butter, I did find this awesome brand at Walmart of all places called Crazy Richard's. It has one ingredient. Peanuts. I was pretty shocked to see how many ingredients are even in most Organic brands.

Img 6916

Trader Joe's brand of Nutritional Yeast tastes amazing!!

I have bought other brands of Nutritional yeast in the past to put on vegan pizza and things like that, but I just never really loved the taste.

If you aren't familiar with nutritional yeast and why it's consumed, here's a link.

I really wish I would have done this 2 years ago. I should have.

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