Space Bags. Where have you been all my life...

Space Bags. Where have you been all my life...


So I have a lot of clothes here in NC still. Jackets, long sleeve shirts, thermal clothing. Bulky stuff.

I had seen and heard of "space bags" and had even bought them once for a friend, but never got to try them myself. I have always been kind of reluctant after reading so many negative reviews on so many different brands of "space bags", that it just never seemed worth it.

Well, when trying to figure out how to get all of my regular clothes, plus my winter clothes into my car for my next trip to FL, I decided trying them was a must.

To begin with, I just bought one box of 3 mediums. I had seen reviews and even saw on the box how I could expect to put many bulky items in each bag... I wasn't so sure.

First thing I tried was a queen sized, thin throw.. It took a little work but I got it folded (I suck at folding anything) and into the medium bag. It just barely fit.

I hooked the vacuum up tot he valve, turned it on and was shocked as I watched that bag and what was in it shrink down to probably 1/4 the thickness.

In the next 2 bags I did all of my winter shirts minus my jacket. 

Needless to say, I have purchased more since. Can't believe I didn't try them sooner.

As a note, I travel with a small(ish) Eddie Bauer Bag and I can fit medium sized bags in it. Saves a LOT of space. I'd really like to try the smaller travel-size space bags now.

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