Relearning how to eat better

Relearning how to eat better

Bouncing back and forth between Florida and North Carolina completely killed my eating habits. 

The area of Charlotte I was in made it way, way too easy to eat from convenience and from stress... I did more of the latter. I was also around people who had no concept of “a home cooked meal”. Everything had to come from a chinese buffett or take-out place.. or Pizza. Food was a social thing.. or something had when bored. Basically the exact opposite of how I “normally” eat.

But as it seems to happen.. when you are around people.. you either influence them, or they influence you. When it came to eating, unfortunately, they influenced me.. A lot!

I went from 184 to 226 in the time I was there. And while yes, it was me who put every bite of food into my mouth.. “Negative influences” wouldn’t be called that if they 1. weren’t negative. And 2. weren’t an influence. The end result being.. I need to be around people who have a similar view of food for me to stay on track. That’s life!

That being said, one of the nice side effects of leaving Charlotte has been that I have returned to my old way of eating. 

Publix sprouts, avocado, tomato and sprouted bread have become more common. Amy’s Vegan Burritos. Tons of vegan soups. Lots of frozen veggies.. Also Garden of Life meal replacements. And salads.. I have so missed salads.

I also ordered 2 new sprout lids and a bag of mixed sprouting seeds from amazon as well.

Of course I have had the occasional Ramen Noodle with Publix Cottage Cheese (SOOO good!) and a Chimichanga at a local restaurant. And my sister got me a sandwich at Arby’s... But there is absolutely no daily fast food or Pizza ordering or 20 bucks a day at Publix for stuff no one eats.

It has been nice. And my wallet thanks me as well.. And that will be another post.