My new foot warmers...

My new foot warmers...

My Sister has a spare room in her home and luckily has offered to give me a place to stay while I look for a new place in Charlotte.

This is great because it means I do not have to drive back to FL and house hunt from there. That would suck.

The room she has in nice.. I have of course made some changes to make it more “Kevin” friendly.. Like add black out curtains.. new blinds.. An Amazon Echo Dot (SOOO Awesome!).. Some acoustic foam from Foam by Mail (don’t believe the negative reviews, it works!) for when I play guitar too loud and a bunch of scents from Bath and Body Works (don’t judge me).

The only issue I have, if there is one.. is that it is COLD!!! Like REALLY cold! This room seems to have an air leak that lets the outside (cold) air in.. During the day, I love it since my sister keeps her house a toasty 9,000 degrees.

But it does get cold at night... Luckily, 2 of her non-human occupants have decided to take up residence in my room. They must think it’s too hot as well :)

Big Kitty Sleeping 12 12

This is “Big Kitty”. The way I understand it.. At some point, there were a few kitties.. This was the big one.. And it stayed.

Big Kitty is the only cat I have ever seen that snores. And I mean SNORES! She has a thing for my electric blanket. And for sleeping with one fist in the air.

Xena 12 12

This is Xena

She looks innocent, right?

Her and I have a weird relationship.. She can leave me alone all day, but when she wants attention, you KNOW it. She stares at you like a Cobra does (if you have kept them you know what I mean). Such a smart, weird dog. She is pretty independent, but I think like all dogs, she just wants to be cuddled.

She tried to eat Paddie the first time she met her.. So, there is that.