Troutman Pond 2017

Troutman Pond - May 1 2017

This doesn't look like last year.....
Paddie 0424

Paddie, April 24th

Paddie was pretty stressed out today.. I left her alone for a few hours and when I came back she took it out on this raw-hide.
Paddie 1000X600

Paddie April 15, 2017

Taxes are done and Paddie is snoring behind me... No complaints.
Bonnie Kacey Kristen John

Happy Birthday Kristen! 24

My Niece turned 24 today! Time goes by so fast.. I remember her calling me "Unka" (Uncle) like it was just a few months ago.
Mellie April 12 Featured

Mellie's Day Out

Mellie the Red-Foot Tortoise gets a nice day in the sun, and another small reptile decided to check it out.