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Discovery Place Science

Today was the last day of the T-Rex exhibit at Discovery Place Science uptown. I had never been to Discovery Place Science and figured it was about time.

I had been to the Discovery Place Nature museum over near freedom park and while it was really small, it was a lot of fun. They have a small but really nice butterfly garden.

Anyway, I totally forgot today was Labor Day.. and when I got there, they had Tryon blocked off through the entire uptown area.. There was a Labor Day Parade…

Eventually I found the paid parking for Discovery Place, $12.00 in case you are wondering… And I made my way into the museum.

The price for the museum plus the T-Rex exhibit was $20.00. The place looked huge so I figured it was money well spent.

It’s not that huge…

They have a few aquariums, they are set up pretty nice. The Sea Life aquarium at Concord Mills Mall is way, WAY better.

They have a Rainforest.. I saw the 2 large Redfoot Tortoises.. And a Macaw. 🙄

A lot of things are “kid focused”, which is to be expected.

I made it up to the T-Rex exhibit which is basically just a room with a half dozen or so T-Rex “cousins” and 1 T-Rex.

The T-Rex was pretty impressive even though the exhibit wasn’t…. They are truly enormous..

After I left the exhibit, I went to the medical science area. Really cool stuff there.

So, was it worth $32.00? Depends.. I did want to see Discovery Place.. and the T-Rex exhibit. Will I go back? Doubtful.



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