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Monday August 27th 2018

Long day so far and it’s only noon.

I woke up at 4:30AM again.. ugh.. I don’t really mind getting up early.. it’s just that it can be so boring.

At 8AM I picked up a friends mom that was going to Peru for a month.. I have no idea what was in those 2 giant suitcases.. but it felt like they were filled with concrete..

Luckily traffic wasnt that bad so I got in and out of there pretty quick.. I had to help get her a wheelchair though.. That took a few minutes.. Luckily the airport helps people who need them.. and help checking in their bags.

After that.. I decided to take the long way back.. I figured the traffic on 485 would have been a nightmare.. so I went down towards uptown.. I was gonna stop at Midnight diner and grab something to eat.. but they were packed. So I ended up going over to Tryon House Restaurant.. first time I have been there since.. M.

After I went over to DHS again.. They had the big flag in the front at half mast.. For Sen. McCain. That was nice…

I can’t believe Trump hasn’t said anything positive yet about the guy.. But, I guess that’s to be expected from him.

I finally ran out of Chicha Morada candy.. So I decided to stop at Compare foods. It is just a couple of minutes from the DHS building.. so it was on my way back…

They have done a great job of hiding that building in plain sight.. No sign from the road.. Just a side street.. then.. there it is..

At compare foods.. they had the Chicha Morada candy.. and also this other one.. A lemon candy.. Since I havent had it before.. I decided to try it this time…

It’s good.. But not really for me… Too lemony for me.

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