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May 31st – Vegan & The Lost Valentine

The vegan thing has been pretty easy. No vegan fast food other than the vegan chili Doritos.. Damn those things are good!

I can’t even imagine how much salsa I have been eating.. Maybe 16 ounces a day. And potatoes.. Which is what I mostly put the salsa on. I guess one a day at least. Still not sick of eating them, so that’s good.

I also make a lot of “burrito bowls”.. Basically just corn kernels, black beans, diced tomatoes and chopped spinach… Then I just put that all on a portion of rice and top it with some salsa… So good!

Silk Chocolate Almond Milk has been a pretty big thing for me too. Everyone that I know that has tried it.. doesn’t know it isn’t “real” milk.. Until I tell them.

The hardest thing, has been trying to remember to eat a lot of different things. I mean, I have to eat nutritional yeast to get enough B vitamins. Then I have to eat Hemp hearts to get a few other minerals. I say “have to” but they are just the foods I choose to eat for that. Although for certain B vitamins I think nutritional yeast is the only way to get them.. Unless you are eating processed vegan food or taking a supplement.

I am “trying” to get everything in real food without having to take any supplements. Especially when you look at things like B vitamins.. A supplement is $20 a month. But nutritional yeast has all of that for just a couple bucks. And it is at least a food.. that tastes pretty damn good!

The Lost Valentine

I got home tonight just in time to watch this on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel.

I love, love, love Hallmark and Freeform (lifetime) Christmas movies.. And this one, I guess, was a Valentine’s Day movie.

Someone I knew told me about it originally and talked it up as pretty much the best Hallmark movie ever.

I had a chance to watch it last year, but didn’t want to get too involved in it since I was watching it with 2 other people.. And I’m a big cry-baby when it comes to those types of movies. No one needs to see me ugly cry over a Hallmark movie.

So, tonight I got to watch it alone. And they were right, it is probably the best Hallmark movie I have ever seen. And yes, I did cry, a LOT! Who wouldn’t?

I am so glad to have been told about this one.

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