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May 22 – 3 weeks+ – Still Vegan

I can’t believe this much time has went by between posts…

So this vegan thing…

I’ve lost a bit of weight.. which I expected. It’s been about a pound a day which may be a bit extreme.. but there is nothing I can do about it. I am eating like crazy and I am still at a calorie deficit.

I have an internet connected scale, an Apple Watch, and a my fitness pal account. I am trying to track everything.. and am pretty good at tracking ALL foods.

the myfitnesspal app is saying I am at such a colorie deficit that it won’t post my progress to my wall or something like that.. Oh well.

Seriously.. It is super hard to eat 2k calories a day when you are eating raw foods and drinking water.

2 weeks in though.. I feel SO much better.

I did have a crazy weird craving for meat and cheese the other night.. Spaghetti actually… I was in my own head going “well you can eat this just once.. it will be ok.. “. Of course I didn’t..

Mushrooms have been an incredible meat replacement in things like spaghetti for me… As I am really not a fan of soy meat replacements.

Another thing I have done…

I have decided to try to track vegan dishes at common fast food restaurants.. This way, when I am driving and if I need (or want) to stop at somewhere like Taco Bell, or Mellow Mushroom.. I can check a list and see how to make their menu items vegan.

It’s been pretty fun… And I have learned a few things.

Like, Mellow Mushroom’s Hummus and Pita is NOT vegan. The Hummus is, but the Pita isn’t.. it has dairy. 🙁

They do have a veggie replacement for the pita though. Just ask!

When I started to learn things like that.. I realized I couldn’t remember it all.. SO, yeah.. I am creating a pretty cool list to track it all.

I plan on tracking Grocery Store vegan items as well.. So, like you could just choose Target.. and the site will show you every item your target might sell that is vegan.

I am only doing this for me.. So if I do make it public.. and you find an item that isn’t vegan.. TO BAD! This is gonna be my personal list.

Anyway.. that is pretty much all that is new.

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