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May 7th – Vegan Stuff

I had intended to write daily about moving to a Vegan diet. I figured there would be plenty to write about, because I thought it would be a struggle.

It’s not!

This has really been completely uneventful so far.. Yes, I have lost weight. Yes, I already “feel” better. And yes, I have had cravings… But dealing with them has been really simple. Just eat something filling and move on.

I have now become an expert at eating Mangoes.. Thanks to the okraw youtube channel. (This guy has amazing videos by the way, wait till you see his “yard”)

Beans and Mushrooms have become my replacement for meat. I spent a bit of time around black beans, and while I liked them, they weren’t my favorite… Now though, I eat them almost daily.

Salsa also.. Salsa has been something I eat on occasion but have never really loved.. Now I eat TONS of it. It’s actually REALLY good as a snack. I put black bean and corn salsa on baked potato and I love it. Before, I would put buttermilk ranch dressing on baked potatoes.

Bananas have been great… They save me basically anytime I have cravings. As long as I have one with me, as soon as I eat one, the cravings are gone.

Last night I had big Portobello Mushroom “burgers” no bread though.. And some kale that I seasoned and dried myself. These are 2 things I have made in the past when I was vegetarian, so it was nice to have them again.

Tonight, I made spaghetti. I used LOTS of fresh mushrooms as a replacement for meat, fresh garlic, tomato, etc. and a gluten free pasta.

I had considered buying some Gardein meatless meatballs, since I had made spaghetti like that so many times in the last couple years… But I never have really warmed up to the taste of “fake” meat. I’ll take mushrooms over a soy-meat any day!

That being said.. I have made taco’s in the past with Gardein Ground… and it is REALLY good!

I did have insane cravings 2 days ago while I was out.. And I remember how a Vegan friend of mine would order a bean burrito at Taco Bell with no cheese as a quick vegan meal. So.. I did have one of those. It was kind of bland because I didn’t put sauce on it, but it did fix my cravings.. So thank you Alex for that.

Other than that, everything has been in its own wrapper.. Bananas.. Oranges, tomato.. SO many tomatoes! Mangos, avocados. Kale, Kale and more Kale.

I haven’t juiced a thing yet though.. Or used any meal replacement drinks.

I do want to add that in to what I am doing.. but for now, I only want to eat all of this food as whole food.

Oh, and breakfast this morning was a salad with like half a container of cherry tomatoes with lemon juice and some balsamic vinegar.  I’ve never been a breakfast eater.. But I was starving this morning, and it was fantastic.

So, so far, this has been less of a challenge and more just fun. I am not sure why more people don’t do this…

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