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May 3rd 2017 – Vegan stuff

I had a REALLY hard time sleeping last night… My mind just wouldn’t shut off.

When I woke up this morning though I wasn’t hungry at all. Weird how in just a few hours I went from starving to feeling fine.

Actually.. Today is kind of the opposite. I haven’t been hungry once. I keep eating, because I know I need the food.. But I am not hungry.. at ALL.

I had an avocado today and some chopped walnuts, and I really think that the fat in them helps the feeling of hunger.

The hardest part of this so far has been no soda or sugary drinks of any kind. Not even orange juice.

I picked up a bunch of leafy greens for juicing tomorrow and I got some tea to hopefully help me sleep. I know as I am writing this I am pretty sleepy feeling, so I guess it works. The tea is called SleepyTime Extra by Celestial Seasonings. It has Hawthorn in it.. So if you take a beta-blocker for high BP, you may not want to use this until you talk to your Dr.

Other than that.. Nothing about the food has been difficult. I mean as long as I am not hungry I don’t ever think of food anyway.

I watched a really good documentary on Netflix today called Cowspiracy. It doesn’t try to cram being a vegan, or vegetarian or anything like that down your throat.. but it’s pretty interesting and gives a lot of interesting facts.

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