Happy New Year 2017 .. And Other Things.

Happy New Year 2017 .. And Other Things.

So, on New Years Eve I went to Bed Bath & Beyond because I had a coupon for 20% off, and I was just bored. There are a few things I will need to setup house back in Charlotte, so I figured it would be a great way to kill time.

I was able to find silverware, a really cool set of utensils and a few bathroom items.. None that I bought.. But I just wanted to price things and choose.

So, as I was leaving the store, I came across a Fit Bit display and noticed several were on sale for 50% off PLUS I could use the 20% off coupon I had...

It didn't take long for me to choose the Fitbit Alta at @ $129.00 price before the 50% + 20% discount. What a deal!!

I have wanted an Apple Watch for a while, but just cannot justify the price... I keep telling myself I used to walk 3+ miles a day and bike 15.. But since I haven’t done that since going to Charlotte, I just cant do it.

Anyway.. Once I get to my car I opened the box and started charging the Fitbit... My hope was that it would be like an Apple product and have an almost full battery out of the box. Nope!

So I got home, and charged it to half full and then started on the daily goal of 10,000 steps. I purchased it at 6PM so I realized that may not be very realistic since it had to charge... But I was able to log over 3 miles and over 6,000 steps after a short charge. FUN!

Fitbit 1231

It felt really good to walk again like that... To just be in my own head and to only hear my steps.

So, new goals for 2017?

Walk 3 miles a day.. AT LEAST!

Lose weight.. I SO need to.

Before coming to Charlotte, I weighed about 180. Now 226. TWO HUNDRED TWENTY SIX!!!!! WTF!!

That is unacceptable! 

But, it is what happens when you spend all of your time around indiscriminate eaters. You start to look like they do.

I feel pretty confident that I can get myself back to a decent weight pretty quickly, I have done it before. So I am setting a goal for the end of February to get me to an acceptable weight again. Then, after that, I will get back on the bike again. I think I should be in Charlotte again by then as well, so that should open up a lot of bike trails nearby as well as fun places to walk.

By then, I should be up to at least 6 miles a day walking.