Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016

I spent Christmas this year with my sister, her family and my mom. 

And yes, that is them in the image above.

It was awesome to do that.. but also kind of bittersweet in the sense that I didn't expect to be staying with them. I was living in Charlotte, but when that became impossible I planned to go back to FL. Of course my Mom and family were not having that and I decided to stay with them through the Holidays.

We all hung out at my sisters house as is usual for Christmas. She and my mom both made lots of food.. Comfort food. Which is the best kind at any meal.. But especially on Christmas.

Everyone exchanged gifts, and I was surprised by a few of them that were given to me.

Family is awesome! :)

Now, my DVR has been recording Christmas shows on Lifetime (FreeForm) & Hallmark Channel for the last few days... So now I am going to binge-watch some happiness.

Looking forward to the New Year!

Merry Christmas!