Chimichangas & Missing Charlotte

Chimichangas & Missing Charlotte

I was supposed to go down to Charlotte this morning to get some maintenance done on my car. Unfortunately the parts didn’t come in, so now it is pushed back until after Christmas. I just hope it’s done before New Years.

So, Since I didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to drive down to Charlotte (only way to avoid the traffic), I decided to go see Paddie for a while.

The last time I went over to my Moms to see her, she was REALLY moody. Paddie, not my Mom. She totally freaked out when she saw me. Did her normal dance and spin routine. Barked, chirped and barked some more.

When she does this, the only way to really calm her down, is to just pick her up and kiss her neck and just whisper to her. I know, sounds goofy, but it’s true. Paddie is a very “special” dog. She is awesome!

So anyway, I picked her up, did all that, and as soon as I set her down, she just wanted to go right back in my moms room.

This is NOT normal Paddie behavior. Usually she is stuck to me like glue. But this time, she just wanted to go back in there and get under a blanket. She was clearly sending me a message, I think. :)

Paddie used to have a larger circle of friends in Charlotte and she could just go outside and bark whenever she wanted. Now, she is let out, but on a deck. And walked only on a leash. Unless I am there.

So today when I went over there I made a point to stay a while and take her for some long walks. 

It certainly seemed to work as she was back to her old self. Completely stuck to me and even following me to the bathroom. She knows bathrooms mean she *could* get a bath.. So she doesn’t follow me in.

I stayed a while.. She slept right up against me, she snored.. She was happy.

Unfortunately, I had things I had to do.. So I had to go. I did the usual “trick” of giving her some food and trying to leave before she was done eating.. But she wasn’t having it. The second I went to the door, she ran to me.

Broke my heart.. :(

After I left I knew I wanted to grab something to eat before heading to Charlotte. I didn’t want to be in all of the Christmas shopping mess and try to eat somewhere as well. So, I went called in an order for a Chimichanga at this small Mexican place I took a few Mexican friends one night.

I had forgotten how large HUGE the Chimichanga was. I ate about half and the rice and beans and was on my way to Charlotte.

Traffic was typical in Mooresville/Cornelius. Stop and go and mostly stop. I am amazed by how North Carolina drivers just cannot deal with merging traffic.. It literally brings both lanes on I-77 to a halt.

I went to the Ikea area first and this close to Christmas, I expected the traffic to be insane. It was really not bad at all though. The stores over there were a different story.

After leaving I wanted to go over to the Container Store at South Park Mall. It’s a bit of a drive from Ikea, but I am used to it since being in the area for the last year. I also needed to pick up a cook book from a friends place for the Vita-Mix. I really want/need to start using it again and the Vita-Mix recipe book is really awesome for ideas and recipes.

After that I went to the Container Store and I felt lucky they had exactly what I needed and it was on sale!

After It was Whole Foods for some Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies (they are AMAZING) and then a stop at Publix for a few groceries. That was my local store for the last year and I missed it.

While there though, I kinda realized how much I have missed the whole area there. Being able to walk to the grocery store or a restaurant. Cheap UBER. Grocery deliver. Same day Amazon deliver... The Parks.. The View. Everything!

And I also realized I don’t have to miss it. I can just move there permanently. 

So, that is what I am going to do after the New Year. 

I certainly have a few things to take care of in Florida, but after that, I am going to make the move.

So looking forward to it.