Brakes and Trailer Hitch... Finally!!

Brakes and Trailer Hitch... Finally!!

My car has been a bit overdue for brakes and rotors.. 80,000 miles!.

I decided to use after market rotors (Bosch) and ceramic pads. So far the braking experience has been a little different. I am not sure I like it.

Seems my cars front end is way out of alignment as well.. So I plan to fix that tomorrow.

But.. I also had a trailer hitch added. 


Volvo wanted $1500 to add one. But Amazon provided one for a fraction of the cost.. and it's made in the USA!.
A local mechanic installed it and the total cost was around $200.

I am really excited about that.. Now I can carry bikes.. or a cargo carrier (desperately needed for trips between FL and NC).