Just a guy living in Florida. With a Min-Pin.

I try to get to NC from time to time to visit friends and family.


I have been the primary creator / Idea-haver for several successful websites. Reptile Supply, Book Bash: OrlandoMaryse’s Book Blog were all developed by me.

I started out developing sites by hand coding everything using PHP & MySQL. Back in the PHP3 day’s I created a rather large dating website that had 600K members. No frameworks or classes, every line of code was typed by me.

More recently I have developed eCommerce sites with everything from osCommerce to Magento. 

Reptile Supply in particular was a mix of osCommerce and custom add ons I created as well as a custom inventory and order manager that used barcode scanners to pack orders and inventory products. I also created a custom backend that could submit orders to various distributors & manufacturers based on their  requirements.

osCommerce is certainly dated, but it is still quite capable of running a large, active eCommerce site.

More recently I have used WordPress, ExpressionEngine and CraftCMS.

Maryse’s Book Blog was built upon WordPress with several custom addons I created and currently uses a custom theme based on a popular theme framework. Book Bash was built upon ExpressionEngine with a few custom addons and is a perfect fit for sites like that. Moving forward, just about any new site is built on CraftCMS unless there is a specific plugin for ExpressionEngine that already exists.