10 Miles, Finally!

10 Miles, Finally!

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I finally reached and broke 10 miles while walking!!

It ended up being a day I didn’t want to go anywhere. I had recently had some bad news. I was moody. I just wanted to lay in bed all day and sulk. 

But I had recently purchased a little day pack that would hold my camera and a bottle of water or two, and I really NEEDED to just get out and do something.

I decided to first go to a NC Thread Trail that is half way local. 

The first 10 minutes, sucked! I just didn’t want to be there. But at about the 20 minute mark, it stared to feel good, and I just decided to do the whole thing. It’s about 3 miles each way so it was a good hike. Walking along the river is awesome!

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Once I got back to the car, I decided to go to another trail. This one is paved and is in Statesville, at the Sports Complex. Such a big place for Statesville. Who knew some place so cool existed there? Not me.

That trail is 2.22 miles each way. It is a REALLY easy walk.. Totally flat. But after doing almost 6 miles on a dirt trail over all kinds of terrain, I started to suffer at about the 2 mile mark.

A friend of mine once told me when I complained while biking.. “Pay now or Pay later”... I just kept saying that to myself over and over.

Once I made it back to the car.. I was starving! I had seen a Hot Dog place on the way in that claimed to be the best Hot Dogs in NC or something like that.

So even though I knew it wasn’t what I should eat after walking 10 miles.. I WANTED to eat it. I know.. No self control :/

I got a foot long (whatever their specialty was) and a $1 Corn Dog.

I can PROMISE you.. It is not the best Hot Dog in NC. It was just totally.. Blah.

I’d like to go back.. I think. Just because I think maybe I was there on the wrong day, or something like that. I mean if they make that claim.. They MUST be good, right?